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About Us

Comprehensive Subcontract Engineering Company

BSA Regal Engineering Ltd was founded in 1965 and we have developed into a major sub-contractor serving the South of England. Regal Engineering currently occupy a modern fully equipped 10000sq/ft factory in the centre of Southampton.

As an ISO 9001: 2015  accredited Subcontractor we at BSA Regal Engineering are justifiably proud of our skills, flexibility, and commitment to continuous improvement, our carefully selected team of competent precision engineers provide a wide range of engineering services to our clients across the UK.

services include CNC machining, milling and turning, fabricated and sheet-metal components whether it be low to high volume, one-off, prototypes, assembly or complete builds of special purpose machines.

Our History

A family business founded in 1965 by Stan Bennett, BSA Regal Engineering Ltd has developed into one the South’s major engineering sub-contractors. The Company, with its staff of 30, currently occupies a modern fully equipped 10,000sq/ft factory in the centre of Southampton

In 1994 the Company, now being run by the next generation, was a founding member of BSA-Regal Group Ltd, formed to acquire the BSA Group of motorcycle companies.  As well as maintaining its sub-contract business, BSA Regal Engineering was the principal manufacturer of most of the motorcycle parts for the BSA Gold SR, of which over 200 were produced in Southampton.

In 2007 BSA-Regal sold its interest in Andover Norton International Limited, the Norton motorcycle parts supplier.  Ten years later, BSA-Regal’s remaining interest in motorcycles disappeared when BSA Company Limited was sold.   

In 2017, with retirement pending for those of Stan Bennett’s children who were key members of the Company, directors Gary Phillips and Simon Wilson formed Engineering Holdings Limited for their management buyout of BSA-Regal’s three engineering-based companies.  Members of the Bennett family are proud to have retained an interest in the Company and to see BSA Regal Engineering continue to thrive. 

Our Timeline