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Muffin Case Denesters

The Cup Case Depositor or Muffin Case De-nester was originally designed by Rational Automation. Although imitated by many, it remains the best available.

Nests of cases are stacked, at the required pitches in magazines above the machine. They are withdrawn from below by Vacuum Suction Heads and pass through the first separation stage as they leave the magazine. The downward motion is momentarily arrested whilst a second separation stage takes place. This very effectively frees the cases on the Suction Heads from any others should they remain attached. Once separated, the Suction Heads pass further down into the third stage where and should any surplus cases remain lingering, any loose cases are returned to the magazine by small jets of compressed air. After the third stage the Suction Heads, each firmly holding a single case, continue a downward motion to clear the separation stages, rotate 180° and dispense the paper cases into baking trays or directly onto a conveyor.

All De-nesters are custom built to suit any baking plant or packing line using crimped foil or crimped paper muffin cases. The basic design allows for considerable latitude in the positioning of the unit and is suitable for most conveyors or oven bands.

Proven Technology

Rational’s patented Suction Heads and Vacuum Manifold system achieves an outstanding rate of single deposits of aluminium foils with minimal case distortion, which in most instances could not be matched by manual methods.

Roll Nife Cutters

The BSA Rational Automation "Roll-Nife" or "Flying Knife" cutter was developed to cut bakery products, manufactured from a continuously cooked batter mix, transported on conveyors or on the oven band.

Sponge cake, biscuit, marshmallow, toffee, nougat, pet foods and almost all food produce can be cut very accurately with a straight line, cut at 90° to the band whilst moving at a variable baking or packing speed. Longitudinal slitting, positioning, layering and rolling machines are perfect supplements to the "Roll-Nife" ensuring an exacting repeatability throughout the longest of production runs.